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Montpelier Ceramics Workshop

  • Sun, November 17, 2013
  • Sat, November 23, 2013
  • Montpelier - Orange, VA
This week-long program will give you a great introductory experience to understanding ceramics that we have excavated at the site we have been working on this past season.   The site has turned out to be a marvelous example of a late 18th century slave quarter that was occupied through the Madison’s retirement years (1817-1836.  The features at this site have yielded boxes of ceramics that are awaiting analysis.  In addition, with the study collection and mended vessels that Kim has worked on over the past year, you will be able to see some wonderful examples of what the vessels you are working on look likeundefinedthere are many cross correlations between the slave quarter we are working on now and Dolley’s Midden and the NW Yard and the North Kitchen.  During the program, we will also have a couple of workshops on iron conservation and the wider range of artifacts we have found over the past yearundefinedlots of items from the Field Quarter survey!   This program will give you full access to the labundefinedand for those of you that wanted more lab and artifact time when you were here on the expedition, you will be able to get this to your heart’s content!
During the program, we will be running through the full restoration and analysis process of the ceramicsundefinedyou already know how we find them at the site, then wash them in the lab, with this week you will learn the rest of the story!  The stages for analyzing the ceramics are as follows: 1) catalogue the ceramic sherds (identifying ware type {pearlware, whiteware, porcelain, etc}, decoration, weight, and count), 2) mark each sherd with its inventory number and catalogue number, 3) organize all sherds by decoration and ware type, and 4) begin to cross mend the sherds into vessels.  Once the ceramic sherds are vesselized, then we begin to record specific information on each vessel (identifying specific patterns of decoration, assessing vessel form, and measurements).  The final step will be to hire to actually glue the ceramic vessels for display purposes.  Kim is just about done with all of the cataloguing of the ceramics from the siteundefinedbut believe it or not, we still have some left to wash as we are still finishing up in the field!  

Please contact Matt Reeves at Montpelier to secure your spot in this unique program.  mreeves@montpelier.org

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